Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

This week, we look at the 20th century, the original pioneering watch: Cheap Patek Philippe Replica calendar chronograph. This series – it is a dynasty – based on the 70 years of innovation, quality and artistic charm. We will specifically view the reference. 1518 and its descendants, references 5270 and 5271.
In 1941, Patek Philippe began to produce the world’s first continuous production of the perpetual calendar chronograph, reference 1518. In 1941, 1518 sold 2800 Swiss francs, still dominate the industry’s attention, the most notable is auction. This year at the Patek Philippe Replica Watches auction, the rare “pink pink” version of this watch is priced at more than $ 1 million to help you understand the needs of these retro works.

Although the 1518 proved to be a considerable technical expertise, but its dial to see the clear aesthetic master is also worth noting. Enamel, blue background and technical balance carefully placed, conscious art statement shows that this watch for many old watch enthusiasts bring “lattice”. It looks very brilliant 1518 technology to change the watch industry, creating a complex watch for the production conditions, and Patek Philippe on the top of the watch chain. In addition, Patek Philippe Replica released this series of advances half a century ago, and any other brand is trying to produce similar complications.

In 2011, Patek Philippe celebrated the 70th anniversary of the calendar chronograph line. 5270. The first generation of dial-up features reminiscent of its predecessors – 12 o’clock date and month indicators, 9 o’clock stopwatches, 3 o’clock 30 minutes of hours, and a moon date of 6 o’clock. The most obvious change is the day and night and leap year indicators, on the left side of the moon phase and the right side. In addition, the modern reference uses the hour indicator instead of the Arabic numerals.

Eventually, Patek Philippe’s 5270 release did not sacrifice its balanced form and function, but rather favor purely tribute to past references. Cheap Replica Watches modernized a gentleman watch to improve its readability and said: “When we are at this time, let’s create our own main movement to follow it.” For me, this move says “Patek Philippe” than printing dial. This is a great watch, simple and simple.

In 2014, Patek Philippe released the reference 5271, is now the fourth series of modern adaptation. This change with 41 mm platinum case, black dial with printed white and white printed tones. The Replica Watches has a handsome black crocodile leather strap, from the dial to the case of 81 gems covered.

When it comes to tabulation, Patek Philippe reminds me of the child who locked himself in the room and spent hours driving his computer to rebuild it. When we are familiar with, he has been in the analysis of the next one can find the technology. Maybe not all of us know that such a grown up child, but it does not matter; it is important to honestly look at Cheap Patek Philippe Replica and this watch, revealing the brand is not to kill you. You will not see ads with blurred unrelated celebrities, bright colors and even serif fonts; Patek Philippe is working to create the best watch on the market, which is the focus of our attention.