The Patek Philippe 5970 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

The Patek Philippe Caliber 27-70 Q

Speak of the 5970 with a horological-focused watch lover and the first thing that is brought up is the movement inside. You will hear remarks like “the Replica Patek Philippe Iced Out last of the Lemanias” over and over again. For a watch made in the mid-to-late 2000s, this sentiment actually gets back to a much older Swiss watchmaking practice, the use of ébauches.

This was before the days of watch blogs and commenters alike stressing the importance of “in-house” calibers. Patek Philippe, maker of the world’s foremost watch, was no different. The 1518 and 2499 utilize Valjoux base calibers, for example, then with the 3970, Patek moved to the now-legendary Lemania CH27.

Best Patek Philippe Replica heavily modified the Lemania movement to create the cal. 27-70 Q and it is widely thought to be the best of this base caliber ever created. It has the most satisfying winding through the crown and a distinct tactile click in the chronograph action.

The Dial Proportions And Details

Another area where the 5970 might be better than anything Patek will do going forward is on the dial.The team “worked to make it as simple as possible and we tried around 20 different dials,” according to Stern.

The Cheap Patek Philippe Replica extra space is filled with a slightly larger six o’clock sub-dial in order to make the date more legible – a positive side effect is more focus on the stunning moonphase disc. Additionally, as compared to the 3970, more space is allowed at the edge of the dial for a cleaner minute track and chronograph scaling with limited overlap.

The dial fonts are even a part of the lore of the 5970. Neither too contemporary nor overly vintage feeling, these fonts are very much a part of what we know as the design language of the Patek perpetual chrono.

The Specs

For high-level Patek Philippe Replica Watches collectors, the 1518 and 2499 are the ultimate, long considered the top of the mountain. Roughly, production in all metals for the 1518 totals just 281, and for the 2499 only 349. These are incredibly rare watches only available to the very, very top of the collecting market.

While it is somewhat ridiculous to say this, the 5970 is accessible – as much as any Patek perpetual calendar chrono can ever be “accessible” – in light of the 630 total 1518s and 2499s; 4.4x more accessible to do the math.

The case measures 40mm in diameter by 13.5mm in thickness, a step up from the previous ref. 3970 which was 36mm in diameter and similarly thick as the two share the same movement. The movement inside is, of course, the Lemania base Patek Philippe Replica Swiss Movement caliber 27-70 Q and, with the exception of piece uniques and special series, four standard references were offered: 5970R, 5970G, 5970J, and 5970P.