Tasting Breitling replica Transocean Chronograph World Time Pilot

Breitling replica
Breitling replica

As experts chronograph watch, Breitling replica play an important role in the history of chronograph. Breitling with accurate and reliable, superior quality instruments, we witnessed the conquest of the sky a brilliant time. Professional timing as the representative of each model of Breitling watch highlights manufacturing quality, but also reflects the Breitling flight profound culture.

Wearing satin brushed stainless steel case, Breitling replica Transocean Chronograph World Time Pilot has patented a mechanical device equipped with Breitling B05 movement homemade fusion super practical world time zone system and technology-based contrast black and white appearance, and Breitling replica for the great tradition of watchmaking pilots each other. You can always instantly read all 24 world time zones on a black dial, three small dials for the watch 12 hours to provide accurate timing.

Watch for the traditional round 46 mm case with solid steel, the use of red gold bezel, magnificent and elegant. Use stainless steel Breitling replica strap and clasp. Black and silver dial, red gold bezel and body Brilliance. The left side of the watch crown has three central crown to adjust the time for the crown, the crown with grooved side modification, easier to grasp, and the top is decorated with Breitling logo letter “B”; and both sides of the table crown can watch timer function regulation.

Breitling replica strap is made of solid steel Ocean Classic bracelet Ocean Classic steel, fine link bracelet, exquisite beauty, with folding buckle link. There was a positive round watch case, polished, smooth and shiny. The use of rose gold bezel, so the case is more layered. When using the sweep indicates the time on the Breitling replica black dial, located six, three o’clock, nine o’clock position of the dial are three small chronograph function hours, minutes, seconds disc. In the outer dial representatives of 24 time zones City name, clearly indicating the second time zone. Watch dial between four o’clock and five o’clock date display window, you can display the current date.

Breitling replica case and lugs integrally cast, after polishing treatment, smooth and mellow. Lugs not long. And showed a horn-like, watches and wrist can guarantee more fitting. Watch clasp is solid steel folding clasp, clasp closure, simple but not easy to watch off. In Table buckle engraved with the brand identity, highlight the brand not only details of the grasp, clasp and make no significant monotonous. Case bottom of the table to create a sealed stainless steel case back, engraved on the bottom of the table of some parameters and Breitling replica; inside the case is equipped with a power reserve of up to 70 hours of automatic mechanical movement; Breitling replica water resistant to 100 meters. It can clearly read the black dial of this watch on all the world’s 24 time zones, and shows the date and with timing functions, and simple adjustment, perfectly suited to travel requirements. And Breitling replica movement is through a high-performance certified chronometer movement, the watch can be said to be excellent and reliable performance model.