Swiss Copy Patek Philippe Men Watches

Copy Patek Philippe Men Watch 18.3 meters of 24-carat yellow gold wire are used to outline the silhouettes of musicians, instruments and musical notes.

To fill the areas created with the gold wire, 48 different colors of transparent enamels are used. With this high color range, the nuances and color gradients that give this work personality and exquisiteness are achieved.

Four Mucha lithographs symbolizing the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica arts are reproduced on the casing of this Dôme: Music, Painting and Dance on the side panels and Poetry on the dome of this exquisite table clock.

To reproduce the original color palette, a range of 43 enamel shades had to be used, mostly transparent, but also opaque and semi-opaque.

This Swiss Copy Patek Philippe Watch, issued as a unique piece, pays tribute to Cupid, son of Venus and Roman god of love. To capture it on the side panels and on the dome, in addition to cloisonne enamel, Limoges enamel paint is used, all adorned with gold dust and gold and silver sequins.

The surfaces are then adorned with 12 colors of transparent enamels, revealing the underlying pattern, and the details are modeled with opaque black and white enamel from Limoges. All this decoration is complemented with gold dust.

We come to the last table clock that complies with the concept Patek Philippe Replica Diamond with which I have titled this article. This time the motif reproduced is Thai porcelain.

To draw the contours of the flower leaves, no less than 40.9 meters of 24-carat yellow gold wire have been used. To obtain the desired color nuances, Patek Philippe Iced Out 10 transparent, opaque and semi-opaque enamel colors are used.