Replica Men Patek Philippe Reference 530 ‘Staybrite’

With vintage replica men watches, the value is often a numbers game. It is an equation that combines desirability with rarity.For the latter, not even all rare watches are created equal. Some were just produced in small numbers, while others may have unique features that set them apart from the rest.

There is however a noticeable difference, and that is that the reference 530 has an oversized case measuring 36.5 mm in diameter. This is 1.5mm larger than the 35mm case of reference 570.The Replica Watches Patek Philippe shape of the bezel is also slightly different, making the reference 530 appear even larger.

While this reference hasn’t been made in very large quantities to begin with, the fact that this Particular Copy Patek Philippe watch is fitted with a “Staybrite” stainless steel case makes it even more desirable. That is not all because it also features a stunning black dial. Especially in those days black dials on Patek Philippe’s where a rarity. Silver was a common choice, and black was mostly reserved for special order pieces.

Apart from being rare, the dial also has a beautiful design, with Arabic numerals on the even numbers, with the six being replaced by a subdial for the seconds.