Perpetual vs. Annual Calendar Watches

A popular complication found on Replica Men Watches is some aspect of a calendar function. This can be as simple as a date, or day-date, but can get more complicated moving up to annual and perpetual calendars. In looking at the two complicated calendars side by side, they are quite similar. So what sets them apart?

Calendar Watches

At its basic level, a calendar watch is any watch that features a date. Cheap Patek Philippe Calendar Replica watches date back to the 1800’s. Since then, they have grown increasingly more complex and small. Today there are three primary categories of these watches:


Complete Calendar Watches
Annual Calendar Watches
Perpetual Calendar watches

Complete calendar watches often feature the moonphase complication and while a lovely addition to any collection, in this blog we will focus on the ladder of the two and discuss annual calendar vs perpetual calendar watches.

What is a Perpetual Calendar Watch?

A Patek Philippe Replica Men Watches perpetual calendar is designed to advance the day, date, and year correctly until the year 2100, taking into account any leap years, 28-days in February, and the difference between 30 and 31 day months. The perpetual calendar also typically indicates the year, moonphase, and highlights a leap year indicator.

Perpetual Calendar Lange and Patek Philippe Annual Calendar

What is an Annual Calendar Watch?

An annual calendar watch showcases the day, date, and month. It adds an extra layer of complexity when compared to the simpler day-date or complete calendar. Unlike these two more basic calendar movements, an annual calendar does not need to be adjusted every month.

Difference Between Annual and Perpetual Calendars

While calendar movements have been around in watchmaking, the annual calendar complication for a wristwatch was introduced and patented by Replica Patek Philippe in 1996. In the last 25 years, the movement has continued to be improved and is now a feature found across many different brands and models. Browse our top choices for perpetual calendar watches.

Patek 5270J

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

Rounding out our list of current favorites is the Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. This is a larger dress watch size at 41mm and is a watch that commands wrist presence. Both the Best Patek Philippe Replica and case are remarkably complex. The perpetual calendar can be read across the large day and month apertures across the top, date, and moon phase together at 6 o’clock. Balancing out the bottom of the dial is an am/pm indicator and the leap year indicator. There is a pusher at 6 o’clock between the lugs to adjust the perpetual calendar.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quantieme Perpetual

AP Royal Oak Quantieme Perpetual Calendar watch

The first perpetual calendar wristwatch from Audemars Piguet dates back to 1950. Today their wristwatches, particularly the Royal Oak Quantieme Perpetual, remains a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts for its elegant beauty, variety of styles, and exceptional craftsmanship. Explore teh xx more in depth with Todd Searle in our article In Focus: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar.

Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar Chronograph

Taking the complication up a notch, Fully Iced Out Patek Replica combines the annual calendar with a chronograph in the 5960/1A-001. Similar to the IWC, the day, date, and month are all read along the top of the dial. Balancing out the bottom half is a single chronograph register. To adjust the annual calendar there are pushes on the flank of the case.