Patek Philippe Nautilus: Sacred Graable

The Quartz crisis is wreaking havoc on everyone’s mind, it is the new fashionable innovation. And it is more reliable than mechanics. Oops. The brands must therefore re-invent and break the code of the ‘Dress replica watch‘.

The construction is simple and intuitive.We reach the heart of the Patek Philippe Replica watch by dismounting the bezel by means of the screws located on both sides of the box, at three and nine o’clock.

Not as straightforward online as the 1972 Royal Oak Copy Watch, it is nevertheless octagonal. 8 “sides” rather rounded and soft. It is also characterized by its two shoulders that give it its unique shape. And who offer this “Jumbo” the beautiful size of 42mm.

Another wonder is hidden behind this telescope. The dial. Simple in appearance, its beauty is derived from a beautiful work on texture and clear light. To put it simply, the Patek Philippe Replica dial has the soft texture of a fine carpet. It is the alternation of horizontal bars that give it this so characteristic depth. Add a blue ink color. And the magic operates.