Patek Philippe Ladies’ Replica Minute Repeater Ref. 7040/250G

The Sky Moon Tourbillon by Cheap Patek Philippe Replica is bold and exaggerated, while Rare Handcrafts Ladies’ Minute Repeater Ref. 7040/250G is elegant and refined.

Ref. 7040/250G is surprisingly reminiscent of Patek Philippe’s men’s copy watches and their “official” cases in the 1990s. The new Minute Repeater has similar lines, but is dressed up as a ladies’ watch with a diamond bezel and a guilloche dial.

The dial is Patek Philippe’s first model, and of course it looks good. There is a little Laurent Ferrier design on the dial, but again, similarity is not a bad thing.

The Copy Patek Philippe Ref. 7040/250G is equipped with an 18k white gold case, measuring only 36mm x 10.14mm high-more or less the size of a men’s minute repeater in the 1990s. The round bezel is inlaid with two rows of diamonds in a “Flamme” setting, which complements the diamonds on the pin buckle.

But the highlight of the design is the dial. This is an 18k gold disc, which is rotated by a traditional engine, equipped with a manual rose engine, and then covered with translucent blue enamel-this combination is called flinqué.

This is a slim automatic movement, wound by a micro-rotor, partially covering the balance wheel. Like all Cheap Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Replica movements, the silent governor is located under a gilded bridge, and the open design forms a Calatrava cross.