Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Replica Men Watches

We currently had the Replica 41mm Pilot Travel Time in a white gold case with a blue dial and a rose gold case with a brown dial. After the launch of the 37.5mm version with a rose gold case and brown dial, the next step was almost obvious and here we have it; the 37.5mm Pilot Travel Time with a white gold case and blue dial, formally the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 7234G.

Patek Philippe Replica Men Watch classifies the 7234G as Calatrava, so it fulfills the only condition of this collection, which is that the geometry of its case is round. So far we have seen the 7234R and 7234A, with their cases made of rose gold and steel respectively.

Probably the most significant detail that identifies the Travel Time is the double push-button that we find to the left of the carriage. The lower one allows the local time hand to advance in steps of one hour.

Conversely, the Copy Patek Philippe Watch upper push-button allows the local time to go back in exact jumps of one hour. Both pushbuttons have a safety device to prevent accidental manipulation. To unlock and operate them, simply make a quarter turn counterclockwise. To block them, the same operation is carried out in reverse.