Most Successful Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie Replica Watch

The just-announced Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie Replica is a subtly designed masterpiece with a grande and petite sonnerie chiming mechanism, as well as a minute repeater and a new patented jumping seconds hand. Done in a surprisingly wearable-sized and -designed platinum case, the 6301P is a special piece of horology with rare complications that is remarkably subtle.

This new manual-wind Caliber GS 36-750 PS IRM is highly complicated given that it’s made of 703 parts, though the movement itself only measures 37mm-wide and 7.5mm-thick. With three patents and the use of silicon parts, this is a thoroughly modern movement in both build and design.

Operating at 25,200 vph, the movement allows for a 72-hour power reserve for the watch and a 24-hour power reserve for the strikework. So, when fully wound, the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica will chime at full and quarter hours throughout the day for a 24-hour period.

As the 6301P is a carillon, there are three gongs, each respectively tuned to low, medium, or high and which come together to perform the wondrous sounds of the strikework. The hours are struck on the lowest-pitched gong and quarter hours are struck in a three-strike sequence that goes in a high, low, medium sequence. The Patek Philippe Replica grande et petite sonnerie chimes en passant, simply meaning it will chime on the hour as well as quarter-hours.

At the first quarter-hour (15 minutes in), the sequence plays once; at the second quarter-hour (30 minutes in), the sequence plays twice; and at the third quarter-hour (45 minutes) the sequence plays thrice. Furthermore, before each quarter-hour sequence, the watch strikes the number of elapsed hours thus far and after each quarter-hour sequence, it strikes the number of elapsed quarter-hours.

There are two other modes that can be activated on the Best Patek Philippe Replica if the 1,056 strikes are a bit much. Using the slide switch at 6 o’clock on the case activates the petite sonnerie Strikework mode, which strikes only at full hours.

In the best kind of horological “why not?” move, Patek also introduces a new instant jumping, or dead-beat, seconds hand. With the third patented system utilized here, this mechanism uses wheels and a release lever to unblock the wheel train every second, which is a boon when considering energy consumption. I am sure the joy of watching the seconds hand jump to 60 immediately being joined by chiming is something one won’t easily tire of.

The Patek Philippe Replica Swiss Movement case design has a decidedly demure bias, a typical decision inherent to Patek Philippe, and underscores that this piece is designed to be heard more than anything else. Measuring 44.8mm wide and 12mm thick, this is a very slim piece that offers stealth with a platinum case. Aside from the pusher on the crown, the sliding switch at 6 o’clock, and the diamond-set diamonds on all platinum Patek Philippe, there aren’t too many frivolous embellishments here.

In a very quirky and unexpected move, Fake Patek Philippe Watches chose to paint the hands with luminous light, which is ironic since it developed a striking mechanism to show the time in the dark. Given the discreet and reasonable size of this watch, the owner might actually wear it and wonder when it gets dark. So, I say, Patek Philippe is not bad.