Exact Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5236P Replica Watch

The perpetual calendar is a complicated function that has a deep history with Exact Patek Philippe Replica Watch, and it has always occupied a prominent position in the brand series.

The Case, Dial, and Hands

The case is equipped with a chamfered bezel and is completely mirror-polished by hand. The slightly inclined strap lugs extend the lines of the chamfered bezel and ensure the best comfort on the wrist. There are recessed buttons on the side of the case to adjust the calendar.

As beautiful as the case, it is Patek Philippe Ref. 5236P replica watches next day delivery that will inevitably attract most of the admiration of onlookers. The outer periphery of the blue dial has a black gradient, which forms a harmonious contrast with the silver glitter of platinum.

The other displays on the dial must be familiar to discerning enthusiasts: moon phase display at 6 o’clock, day/night display at 8 o’clock, leap year display at 4 o’clock, all through their respective apertures show.

The Movement

Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Calibre 31-260 PS QL has made a lot of technical improvements to the basic movement. It has been “tuned” to drive a particularly energy-intensive perpetual calendar mechanism. The rate stability is improved by increasing the frequency from 3.2 Hz to 4 Hz, which also simplifies the precise adjustment of the rate tolerance specified by the Patek Philippe seal.

Through the sapphire crystal back cover, you can see the decoration and techniques of Geneva ripple, black polishing, twill, pearl pattern, round grain and engraving, and the finishing process of the movement is excellent.

From a design point of view, the Copy Patek Philippe 5236P is a model timepiece built by smart watchmaking technology.