Elegance Patek Philippe Ref. 5396R Replica Watch

Gold and again gold. The Patek Philippe Replica case in pink gold and, controlled proportions requires, does not exceed 38.5mm in diameter. A true diameter, which accompanied by a great smoothness of box, pays tribute to watchmaking as we know how to appreciate it. The case is simple and its smooth bezel.

This is only the hidden side of a larger, more complex universe, but one that is offered to us by turning the Replica Watch. A real manufacturing movement.

All parts of the movement are made internally, according to the requirements of the punch created by Fake Patek Philippe Watches. Innovations are therefore present on the main organs of the movement, Gyromax balance and spiral Spiralax topped the list.

Everything is perfectly decorated, ribs of Geneva on the bridges and a beading in rule on the deeper elements.