Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Replica Watches Hands-On

Around the history of the first calendar watch a bit hazy, but Patek Philippe reference. 97975 is widely considered to be one of them, if not the first watch with a perpetual calendar. Therefore, Patek Philippe issued a new calendar watch, there are some special. And this is the earlier this year in the Basel world in 2017 released the new Cheap Patek Philippe Replica calendar reference literature. 5320G, which is a special feature because it adapts and combines a variety of retro Patek Philippe calendar watches.

There is a very special thing is from Patek Philippe who wear a perpetual calendar watch, or any one calendar watch. It relieves the owner of the arduous task, must adjust the Patek Philippe Replica Watches to resolve the number of days in a month inconsistent. It is helpful that it also shows the current date and month, as well as the date and phase of the moon. Almost as if there was a microprocessor inside the watch.

From the beginning of the case, the diameter of 40mm, made of platinum. Personally, I think 40mm really is the best place, in my opinion, and Patek Philippe Replica on the wrist is neither too cumbersome, it will not be too delicate. This case has many elements worth talking about, and the design seems to be influenced by the references. 3449 permanent calendar. For example, bezel and lugs are layered, which adds more visual appeal, let alone the complexity of construction and finishing. In particular, the concept of ladder headphones is a very interesting touch, rarely seen in the new watch.

The construction of the whole case is also very unusual, it is printed from a piece of platinum, and then processed, and finally completed with the machine and manual mixing. Metal stamping is usually considered a low-cost process, but we see the final product with other high-end Cheap Replica Watches to see the same construction and completion. In fact, if I did not give you this information voluntarily, you may never know that the case was stamped.

Unfortunately, despite being made of a single piece of gold, water resistance is still only 30 meters. Although it is not necessarily the destroyer of this watch, but the higher water resistance will be welcomed, especially for those who do not care about the water watch, the last thing you want is to damage your valuable Replica Watches, Because you wash your hands a little careless.

In other places on the dial, hour markers are marked with a combination of large Arabic numerals and round marks, which are actually black coated 18k white gold. They look exceptionally fine, smooth edges. They are also filled with glowing material and a bright blue light in the dark, instantly awakens the Rolex’s Chromalight luminescent material. Minute track is black, printing is as Swiss Replica Patek Philippe as expected as flawless.

Caliber 324SQ has all the advantages of modern Bada movement, including Gyromax balance, Spiromax balance spring and 21k gold rotors. It consists of 367 components, although the use of a full-size rotor, but it is quite thin at 4.97mm. It was hit at a speed of 4Hz, and on the motherboard as well as the slope and the bridge on the Geneva Geneva large area application was finely finished. In other words, you find the level of detail in A. Lange & Söhne is not too high, this is the buyer should pay attention to things. Power reserve is not completely impressive, at least 35 hours, up to 45 hours.

For the few lucky people on the market from Patek Philippe’s calendar table, the new reference. 5320G represents an interesting choice.