Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Replica Watches Hands-On

Around the history of the first calendar watch a bit hazy, but Patek Philippe reference. 97975 is widely considered to be one of them, if not the first watch with a perpetual calendar. Therefore, Patek Philippe issued a new calendar watch, there are some special. And this is the earlier this year in the Basel world in 2017 released the new Cheap Patek Philippe Replica calendar reference literature. 5320G, which is a special feature because it adapts and combines a variety of retro Patek Philippe calendar watches.

There is a very special thing is from Patek Philippe who wear a perpetual calendar watch, or any one calendar watch. It relieves the owner of the arduous task, must adjust the Patek Philippe Replica Watches to resolve the number of days in a month inconsistent. It is helpful that it also shows the current date and month, as well as the date and phase of the moon. Almost as if there was a microprocessor inside the watch.

From the beginning of the case, the diameter of 40mm, made of platinum. Personally, I think 40mm really is the best place, in my opinion, and Patek Philippe Replica on the wrist is neither too cumbersome, it will not be too delicate. This case has many elements worth talking about, and the design seems to be influenced by the references. 3449 permanent calendar. For example, bezel and lugs are layered, which adds more visual appeal, let alone the complexity of construction and finishing. In particular, the concept of ladder headphones is a very interesting touch, rarely seen in the new watch.

The construction of the whole case is also very unusual, it is printed from a piece of platinum, and then processed, and finally completed with the machine and manual mixing. Metal stamping is usually considered a low-cost process, but we see the final product with other high-end Cheap Replica Watches to see the same construction and completion. In fact, if I did not give you this information voluntarily, you may never know that the case was stamped.

Unfortunately, despite being made of a single piece of gold, water resistance is still only 30 meters. Although it is not necessarily the destroyer of this watch, but the higher water resistance will be welcomed, especially for those who do not care about the water watch, the last thing you want is to damage your valuable Replica Watches, Because you wash your hands a little careless.

In other places on the dial, hour markers are marked with a combination of large Arabic numerals and round marks, which are actually black coated 18k white gold. They look exceptionally fine, smooth edges. They are also filled with glowing material and a bright blue light in the dark, instantly awakens the Rolex’s Chromalight luminescent material. Minute track is black, printing is as Swiss Replica Patek Philippe as expected as flawless.

Caliber 324SQ has all the advantages of modern Bada movement, including Gyromax balance, Spiromax balance spring and 21k gold rotors. It consists of 367 components, although the use of a full-size rotor, but it is quite thin at 4.97mm. It was hit at a speed of 4Hz, and on the motherboard as well as the slope and the bridge on the Geneva Geneva large area application was finely finished. In other words, you find the level of detail in A. Lange & Söhne is not too high, this is the buyer should pay attention to things. Power reserve is not completely impressive, at least 35 hours, up to 45 hours.

For the few lucky people on the market from Patek Philippe’s calendar table, the new reference. 5320G represents an interesting choice.

Patek Philippe Art Of Watches Grand Exhibition 2017 Ladies’Replica Watches

Patek Philippe’s watch art exhibition in New York City Cipriani 42nd Street, until July 23, 2017, not only showed an impressive legacy as a watchmaking company, but also as a serious ladies watch maker. Cheap Patek Philippe Replica launched nine special watch watch, six of which are non-watch watches, three of which are women’s supplies, including a new repeater. In the antique watch on display there are several ladies, including the first Patek Philippe repeat table, made in 1916 women’s watch.

In the special version of the spectacular parade, there was a ladies’ little clock, the reference. 7000/250, with beautiful blue enamel dial. It contains the new Caliber R 27 PS. The case uses Patek Philippe Replica Watches proprietary Flamme setting to set up 160 diamonds. Patek Philippe launched the Flamme Calatrava 7200 / 200R setup in 2016. Instead of focusing on cutting the diamond itself to achieve high returns, Flamme sets the metal around the diamond. After the mosaic of stones, the gemstone used diamonds to divide the gold between each diamond, revealing part of the lower part and allowing the light to pass through.

The second women’s special edition is the men’s new 300 “Patek Philippe World Time New York” special edition of the accessories, but the number of less. Ms. 7130 is limited to two 75-piece versions of diamond mosaics and dials, like men’s, depicting the embossed New York skyline. Bezel set with 62 diamonds, buckle the pin set with another 27 diamonds. Movement 240U movement based on Patek Philippe Replica ultra-thin automatic movement 240, is the main force of Patek Philippe watches.

“The movement is the secret to creating a great ladies watch,” Thierry Stern, president of Patek Philippe, told me at the opening of the show: “You have to be able to produce very fine, slim moves. This is what Cheap Replica Watches said. Caliber 240 is so small, so perfect; it is slim but not fragile. In addition, it is an automatic movement, which is important. It was so much in the ladies’ quartz, but now, all these are changing over the years. Quartz is declining today. It only accounts for 12% of our production. Today, more women are willing to wear automata. ”
Caliber 240 in the “Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref” in the ladies of the third special New York version once again staged. Fifty thousand seven hundred and twenty thousand. It has a smooth case of official style, is a sign of the Calatrava series, with a straight lug, and a white or blue mother of pearl dial, set with a diamond hour mark. It is also made up of two limited edition, each with 75 Swiss Replica Patek Philippe. Blue dial models are blue-gray crocodile leather strap, white dial with peacock blue crocodile leather strap.

These special editions are part of the impressive ladies’ chart that recently introduced by Patek Philippe, not only for complications, but also for the fine jewelry Cheap Patek Philippe Replica that are comparable to the Cartier art. Part of which is related to the fact that Thierry Stern’s wife Sandrine Stern is at the helm of the company’s design department. “My goal is to be 60% of men, 40% of women, and today we are 70% higher / 30% higher, so we have to add a little bit.” “But finding the right clip is not easy because For men, this is a lot of technical, and for women, it is more designed. I believe that Sandrine, as a woman, is a good judge.I can design a ladies watch, But as a man, I will never wear it.When she designs a ladies watch, she designs something she can wear and her taste is good.

Patek Philippe’s New Calatravas Replica Watches

Cheap Patek Philippe Replica in the watch design is quite conservative, rarely given transient trends, so enjoy a well-deserved reputation. Thus, even a subtle change in one of its classic models has attracted the recognition of the Patek Philippe Replica Watches. In this year’s Basel world, the brand launched a new reference. In 5227, Calatrava had a larger case, a new, hinged garbage covered at the back of the exhibition.

The first Caratrava reference document 96 was introduced in 1932, the same year, Patek Philippe was its long-term owners Stern family acquisition, since then has been the pillar of the brand portfolio. And most watch lovers know that Patek Philippe Replica is a complete manufacturer to make their own movement, and many people may not realize that for decades it has its own case, from sketches to final polishing products. Therefore, the company proudly claims that the reference to the new “official style” case. 5227, slightly larger than the previous model – 39 mm in diameter, compared to the current many monarchies, the size is still moderate, and for the first time includes a dust cover, the hinge completely built inside, so not visible cover closed.

The famous Calatrava case still has an iconic concave bezel, flowing lugs and thin; along the side of the little lips that allows the wearer to open the dust cover Can not tell. The inner surface of the dust cover can be carved with personalized information, with a precision fit hinge, and manually adjusted to ensure that it is closed in a smooth, almost seamless way. Patek Philippe Cheap Replica Watches also added another new feature: elegant curved groove, from the side of the case carved to the lug, and was polished to the mirror gloss.

Bezel’s concave perimeter frame The famous clean and tidy Calatrava dial, which is equipped with a creamy paint surface, made of gold-shaped trapezoidal hour mark, consisting of a circle of golden dots, and a 3 o ‘ clock. Fingertips and multi-faceted Dauphine style hours and minutes to indicate the time, as well as slender balanced second hand. The crystal on the dial is slightly curved and made of sapphire.

Open the dust cover to see the other side of the sapphire window, it can see Swiss Replica Patek Philippe made Caliber 324 SC, a frequency of 28,800 vph self-winding movement and 48 hours of power reserve. Patek Philippe said, in accordance with the brand within the Patek Philippe seal requirements, the rate of accuracy in the range of -3 to +2 seconds. The movement has a four-arm Gyromax balance; the Spiromax balanced spring made by Silatevar, a patented silicon derivative by Patek; and a fixed 21k gold wound rotor engraved with the Patek Philippe Calatrava cross sign. Like the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica movement, the Caliber 324 SC shows fine hand finishing, including chamfering and polishing bridges, Geneva stripes, gold-plated sculptures and round scrubs.